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At Riverside Veterinary Hospital, we understand that animals age at a much faster and more dramatic rate than humans because their projected life span is quite a bit shorter. An older pet (greater than seven years of age), may be more prone to serious health problems such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, kidney disease, and heart disease. We know what an important part of the family your pet has become over the years, so we strive to keep him or her as healthy as possible. Riverside Veterinary Hospital offers a geriatric program for your pet. This program will allow us the opportunity to screen animals for serious health problems rather than waiting for obvious signs of tragic illness. The geriatric program also serves to establish baseline values for pets. The normal healthy values may be used for a comparison in the future if your pet does develop a disease or illness.

Arthiris & Your Senior Pet

What is Arthritis?
It is the chronic, progressive degeneration and inflammation of joints and erosion of cartilage found within a joint. Cartilage is in joints to create a smooth cushion between two bones. Without this cushion, bone to bone equals pain and inflammation.

Signs of Arthritis

  • Stiffness (especially in the morning or after periods of rest)
  • Difficulty going up or down stairs, getting in and out of the car
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Change in appetite, drinking, urination, bowel movements, sleeping, attitude, activity, grooming
  • More obvious facial expressions
  • Guarded movement or guarded parts of the body
  • Aggression
  • Abnormal posture

Arthritis can occur at any age. It is commonly in older pets, but younger animals with joint trauma or injury are at risk, as well as congenital deformities of a joint, poor conformation, and obesity can lead to early onset arthritis.

Most common areas affected by Arthritis

  • Hips
  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Spine/Neck
  • Shoulders

Goals of treatment are to alleviate discomfort and keep further degeneration from occurring.
In early stages of arthritis or as a preventative there are many supplements and foods that can be given to your pet to control or prevent the disease process. These combined with exercise will keep your pet active and moving a lot longer.

In more advanced stages of the disease often preventatives combined with anti-inflammatory and pain medications approved for animals will make a world of difference. The right combination will control pain, which will allow your pet to move more, build muscle mass, control weight, and therefore slow the progression significantly.

Recommended products

Dasuquin - A combination product that has glucosamine, Chondroitin, and avocado/soybean oil components that work together to enhance the effectiveness of all the ingredients. It comes in a chewable tablet or a meaty soft chew for both small or large dogs and for cats.

Synoviflex - A soft chew designed for medium to large dogs that will help with synovial fluid production (this helps to lubricate joint space) keeping cartilage moist and smooth.

Purina Veterinary diet JM (joint mobility) - JM is designed to provided a balanced diet, appropriate to control weight while providing excellent sources of Omega-3 fatty acids which naturally aid in controlling inflammation, and a natural source of glucosamine and anti-oxidants.

Riverside offers supplements and foot to help improve your pets joint health and alleviate pain associated with arthritis.

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